Centro Cultural de Cali,Colombia  6 Oct 2017
Curator Kaur Chimuk

Till konsten. Tro, hopp, tvivel och kärlek på Konstakademien i Stockholm.
Samlingsutställning SAK
vernissage och bokrelease tisdag 3 oktober kl 17-19. Utställningen pågår till den 6 okt.

Galeri Leger, Malmö  2018
Aura 90 år, Krognoshuset, Lund 21/7-2/9 2018


Ett Spadtag Djupt /One Spit Down
 Anna Wessman&Tamara de Laval
Forsknings och konstprojekt med barn/ kvinnor i Sofielund 
Research and art project with children/ women in Sofielund, Malmö

Recently :

Apocalypse Now
curated by Rait Rosin and Tamara de Laval
Amandus Adamsom Studio Museum, Paldiski /
Pakri Peninsula Protection Area
Estonia 4 Aug-5 Sep 2017 

Conflicting Spaces
Sibpur,Howrah - Sofielund,Malmö 2017
A curated project for Srinagar Biennale 2017
curators Chimuk and Tamara de Laval
a Meteor International project 

School girls looking at Meteors painting about Sofielund in Howrah

                                detail Arrival 

Nyöppning av Galerie Leger på Engelbrektsgatan 
i Malmö, grupputställning mars 2017

Fire Walk With Us 

Galerie Pi, Copenhagen , 6 Jan 2017- 9 Feb 2017 

Tamara de Laval & Ossian Theselius 


Art Herning
med Galerie Pi
Messen finder sted 
27. - 29. januar 2017 i MCH Herning Kongrescenter.

7/272017 Magnetiska JPG
@ Galleri Rostrum , Malmö 

                                            AAW, Art After Work 

Sedan id-kontrollerna mellan Danmark och Sverige

 infördes för ett år sedan har magnetiska JPG 

förflyttats kring den fasta förbindelsen över Öresund.

Under kvällen fäster magnetiska JPG vid olika material i 
kvarteren kring galleri Rostrum och inne på galleriet.
I ett samtal med sjuksköterskan Åsa Wieslander 
kommer vi att höra om hennes långa erfarenhet
 med vård av papperslösa och frågor omkring
 grundläggande etiska principer för vård.
De som hittills har medverkat med bilder till 
magnetiska JPG är konstnärerna Marianne Andersson,
Gert Aspelin, Terese Bolander, Chi Muk, Malin Lobell, 
Tamara de Laval, Annelie Nilsson, Joanna Thede,
Cecilia Sering, Cecilia Wendt och Anna Wessman.
Stadens ljus: Sorgenfri 
fredag 10 februari – söndag 19 februari
Meteor International Tamara de Laval&Anna Wessman
 " On Site " Båstadsgatan 4 Malmö
"On Site "  är ett permanent ljuskonstverk 


My work is about life experience, consciousness of the ongoing conflicts in the world, and feminism. I feel the vibrance of nature and our connection to it. I agree with Deleuze and Guattari's discussions of the negative effects of patriarchal systems on women's independence and control over their bodies. I also find inspiration in their theories of rhizomatic, nonhierarchical and nonchronological ways of thinking, networking, collaborating, making connections and disseminating ideas.

Mina målningar  behandlar livserfarenhet, medvetenhet  om tillståndet  i världen och feminism.Jag känner naturens kraft starkt och vår tillhörighet i den. Jag känner starkt  för filosoferna Deleuze och Guattaris diskussioner om den negativa effekten det patriarkala systemet har över kvinnors oberoende och kontroll över sin egen kropp. Jag är inspirerad av deras teorier om rhizomatiskt, icke-hierarkiskt och okronologiskt tänkande, nätverkande, vikten att samarbeta och sprida idéer.

Photo courtesy Rolf Schuurmanns
AND A    R    S    Artists Rights Society  . 536 Broadway . Fifth Floor . New York, NY 10012www.arsny.com

Participated with Meteor , Transparadiso and Kerstin Bergendal in Offkonst  III at Konstitutet, Malmö 

Galerie Leger Samlingsutställning 17 nov -dec 

Magnetiska JPG


VAG FORUM at Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore, India 
9-11 May 2016

Venkatappa Art Gallery garden


"RUM “ Målningar till en lägenhet för utsatta kvinnor Kriscentrum Malmö, 1 juni 2016
curator Kristin Lidgren

 “Poesi-O-Rama” Konstnärlig gestaltning till arabisk-svenska kulturföreningens internationella poesifestival i  Malmö, sep 2016 med poeterna Mimi Khalvati (Teheran), Jane Draycott, Sudeep Sen, David Shook och Stephen Watts.Curator Kristin Lidgren

Galleri Monica Strandberg , Kalmar, Oct 2016

Området /The Area   starting 2016

The Area @ Srinagar Biennale 2017
Södra Sofielund  Malmö

Studio L2 , Stockholm, 8 mars-2 april  2016

My works are exhibited at Galerie Legers  Office, Malmö
  during the ordinary exhibition program spring  2016 

2015 21 november - 17 december 

Et udvalg af galleriets kunstner

Borgergade 15 D,1300 København,+45 2320 5302
dec 2015-jan 2016

25 sep-9 Oct  2015 Galleri Ting, Malmö

10 Oct  -31 Oct 2015 Hässleholm Kulturhus  
Tamara de Laval /Bästa Biennalen 

                                   17-31 Oct Dold Konst-Hidden Art@Höganäs /Bästa Biennalen

                                In One Moment

Inside Out




                                            Komma och gå



From my exhibition at Olle Nymans Ateljé in 2016 
Text by Chimuk  performance artist - curator 

There Will Be Change
So what if there is no title, some narration can unfold with the idea like the verse of blankness with the longest pause. I know I was here before with so many various titles and suggestions and most of them are either dull or very dark like a profound humor.

So what if I'm giving a durational moment to myself as a gift to understand the reality. It enlightens me with the idea inside of the gloomy forest who is approaching me the ideal way of twisting and I think "there is no need to be woken up with an unpleasant dream, my canvas became so dry and my finger turns into desert….”. My hands are twisted like the complex brush stroke and I start believing that, so what if I have an ‘untitled’ title but I know There Will Be Change(in thoughts).

So what if I wandered and my roses in a distance like hundred yards from my studio turn into black and then grey, my eyes closed and other sensation starts reacting faster than ever- so what if it's an ‘untitled’ title but I know …..(in thoughts).

Last few decades they came in my blank canvas and jumped one after another.     I am like helpless; this one imagination changes the idea of my own perception of null and void. I called my imagination as perpendicular momentum and every time I finished one painting I start believing that after this if apocalypse turns on at least I will get a little relax that my utopian world will be more secure from the nervous journey or such as like from hidden tension. Do you know my canvases are always haunting me for its surprise ending with the uncertain line but still I feel it is painfully beautiful as always.

Every line has an unseen childhood; every line crossed through hurdles  of its own. Sometimes I am re-questioning my own lines in a strange way and think "how come every time I draw the same line but why there is same quantity of pain surrounding my canvas and touch me very dark way - o mighty I feel every time so helpless to recover from that subtle zone" I know these chronics of memory, I know the tendency of making hide and clues. All though I haven't figured out how to string them together yet, but I've begun to notice that some icon or some motives have always come through hard brushes like over and over again. For instance lines of partition, lines of humanity, lines of disorder, lines of patriarchy and I think if it is like this so what if there is an ‘untitled’ title with conditional memory- because I know there will be change.

Did I tell you yet how many years I was living together with all those mysterious lines when you asked me ‘why I never leave for new destinations`, I always prefer to maintain silent with not so many good reasons, I didn't know where to begin. This silence filled with promises to stay in touch, stand as evidence of the mundanity. I agree that my utopia is pretty heavy and hope you won't get uncomfortable if I should go into some deeper belongings here in my words.

All this new drawing evolve and I will eventually give new feelings that will never completely displace the old ones but within a period of time, everything goes into previous old quite edgy zone and then spirit split again into two-three-for-eight-ten-more. So what if there is no title- some narration can start with the idea of the blank with the pause. I'm watching my drawing just before I will  be going to hang for you, my nightmares will come like a form of my loyal viewer and they will express their deepest feelings and I am trying to imagine what is best to understand the moment of the beast, the meadow. Are these paintings still belonging to me? Trust me some drawing can frame with an ‘untitled’ title.

I'm just letting the day be what it is, I'm just letting the night be what it is and it is a reality for real things in a psychedelic way. I can't trust the accuracy of my own memories, many of them having blended with sentimental and marginal sensation. I walked out finally from the white space, leave them behind with my expression which looks very positive today, today is the day of my opening and it would be easier to explain this now when I more understood that there is a fallacy to make anything just be a beautiful, neither my titled dull or sophisticated. You see, the mind has a potential to hold one thought at a time and in reverse at a time it can  be motivated and forget parallelly side by side various thoughts. So promise to that omnipotent thought and moment which is creator of my journey, with that serious note let’s celebrate the amnesia of voice of everything and listen to my painting like a weeping reflection, “so what if I had ‘untitled’ title, but there will be change…..



Embroidery for Ghada

Tzunami&Tamara de Laval @Broby Kulturhus, Sweden

                               Från Mats Leiderstams urval av Lunds Kommuns Konstsamling på Lunds Konsthall 2015, min målning näst sist  i nedersta raden av målningar/ my painting is the larger in the row below, in the collection of Lund Commune Art Collection, curated by Mats Leiderstam 2015 at Lund Art Hall